Romun myynti

We supply Finnish steel industry recyclable materials that have passed appropriate quality controls. More than 150,000 tons of different kinds of recyclable metals and irons pass through our Group each year. More than half of this is exported and the rest is used by Finnish foundries and steel industries.

As our customer you’ll receive material on agreed time and in suitable amount – according to your wishes.
Eurajoen Romy Oy was elected as the recycled steel supplier of the year from over 300 candidates by Finnish Foundry and Steel Industry.

Our selection includes different qualities of used iron for both industrial and private needs.

For example:

Form steel
Iron pipes and platforms, sheets
Hollows and bars
Metal Furniture bars and pipes
brushed steel pipes and platforms/sheets

We offer comprehensive range of skips for all kind of needs. Our selection covers all sizes, colours and accessories, including hooks, rolls and runs.

For example:

Machine transport pallets
Pallets for gravel both with Hardox or normal base
Trash and scrap pallets with different wall hights and strenghts
Skips with sliding lids and/or side doors etc
Boxes and Containers in different sizes and colours, and also gripping surfaces