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Eurajoen Romu Oy is a recycling service company on the western coast of Finland. It receives, processes and sells different types of recyclable materials. We also offer our customers a comprehensive recycling service, i.e. handle their recycling in its entirety from supplying a range of receptacles to providing recycling reports.

To the end users, we supply processed recycled materials, which are verifiably recyclable. Thanks to globalisation, recycled materials end up on the domestic market as well as with international end users. Exports currently account for more than 70% of our turnover.

We continue to improve our operations in cooperation with our customers. We offer a quality service package, which gives customers the assurance that they will receive a professional end result, thus saving time. Our customer-focused approach has made us one of Finland’s biggest metal recycling professionals.

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Eurajoen Romu has had rented storage area at port of Eurajoki, in Olkiluoto and port of Rauma.

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Our modern crushing plant enables the manufacture of a diverse range of materials. Our environmentally-friendly plant was completed in 2012 and continues to comply with the latest recycling standards.

Finnish foundry and steelworks industries have elected Eurajoen Romu Oy as the recycled steel supplier of the year from over 300 candidates.

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Eurajoen Romu Oy is expanding its operations to crushing batteries

The modern technology Battery Terminal was built in 2017. This terminal enables safe pretreatment and crushing of batteries.


We live in a constantly evolving society that uses an increasing amount of natural resources in the manufacture of goods. Products that were invented yesterday and manufactured today may be out of date tomorrow. Recycling allows us to ease the stress on our environment.

We pay constant attention to the environment in our day-to-day procedures. In the long run even small actions allow us to reduce environmental strain in a big way. We follow current legislation and try to anticipate possible future development.

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